Gyo Wiki
Kanji かおり
Romaji Kaori
Alias Student
Age 20's
Gender Female
Status Alive

Kaori is the main character of Gyo.


Kaori appears as a rail thin young woman with light brown waist-length hair styled in a Hime cut and light brown eyes.

Her clothes consist of a white tank top with pink trim around the upper portion of the shirt, a silver engagement ring on her left ring finger, a blue denim mini-skirt and orange ankle-length Converse sneakers (which she later loses after one of them is stuck onto a Death Stench robot, forcing her to remove it and after discarding the other shoe later in the story when escaping from the Death Stench circus after it was overran by the aforementioned robots leaving her barefoot).in a flashback showing her and Tadashi she is seen wearing a pair of blue shorts and black thigh-high stockings as well as a green button up shirt with a white top underneath.

Later, she requires a small scar on her left upper arm after being scratched by one of the Death Stench's stilt legs, but due to her unique immunity to mutation, she survives.

Character Summary[]

Kaori is a graduate student. Along with her classmates, they have a vacation trip on an island. However, A Shark had attacked them. Later in the story, it is revealed that Kaori has a unique immunity to mutation and at the end of the story, only Kaori and a small group of other people survived with Kaori commenting on how she is now used to the foul odor the Death Stenches create.


kaori and tadashi prior to the events of the film

EYAAH! (Kaori's scream)

kaori and tadashi seen in a flashback together