Kanji エリカ
Romaji Erika
Alias Student
Age 20s
Gender Female
Status Deceased

Erika is one of Kaori's friends. She is the first human to become a death stench.


Erika is a young and fit woman. She has short chestnut colored hair that she keeps tied up in a ponytail on the left side and dark brown eyes. She wears noticeable makeup and hoop earrings.

Her initial outfit consists of a black tank top and red ruffle-tiered miniskirt, and red heels and purple thigh-high stockings. Her red underwear can be seen beneath it. After her clothes are destroyed in the first Death Stench attack, she switches to a pink fitted shirt and gray skirt with white trim.

After becoming a Death Stench, she becomes horribly bloated and begins to decay quickly.

Character Summary

Erika is a pretty, if slightly unpleasant person. Erika loves to bully Aki for her weight and orders her around. She is infamous for her promiscuous nature and spending habits. She invites the two guys to have sex with her, but is interrupted when everyone is attacked by the Great White Shark Death Stench. In her attempt to escape, she becomes trapped under the Death Stench when on of its metal legs pins her skirt to the floor. Kaori sees Erika struggling and helps to pull her free, but her skirt is ripped off in the process. As Erika is crawling away, Aki then grabs one of her legs, but Erika kicks herself free, loosening herself from her stocking in the process. Erika manages to get to her feet and run upstairs, though her top falls off, leaving her in just her underwear. Unfortunately, the Death Stench follows everyone upstairs, and Erika is trapped under it once more when one leg goes through her earring and another pierces the sole of her foot. Kaori manages to draw its attention away from her, though it rips her earring out as it steps away from her.

Later on, she becomes infected due to her foot wound, and turns into a Death Stench.


  • AKI!! (Erika jumps to Aki)
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